I suppose I have started this blog to share my illustrations and art processes - and my thought on how to be split between wanting to make a living off of my creative work and actually making good money (I love clothes and shoes way too much!). I will be sharing videos and photos of sketching, inking, coloring and finished illustrations. I have recently realised and decided that I will be doing illustration for my own sake and stop making anything for free. I will value my own work more, and if people won't appreciate it (and thus pay me for doing it) too bad. My dream scenario would be a kind of partnership with a skilled author of graphic novels or children's books or getting a desk in a shared office of illustrators and artists.

Here is my first process video and I hope that it will be the first of many, but I have to keep my expectations low, since I am also a mother of two young children under four.

The video is a process of a illustration called "the hug", which is inspired by the style of the wonderfull Heikala and the Ghibli Studios, but of course in my own interpretations. Prior to the tracing, I made a rough sketch on a piece of printer paper and traced it to watercolor paper using my light board using a blue pencil.